A Great Class to Learn Original Feng Shui Terms
A Great Opportunity to Learn a Chinese Way of Meditation

This class will give you a great opportunity to further your understanding of Chinese culture and of Feng Shui terms, such as: Yin/Yang, five elements, Ba Ga, Ba zhai, I Jing... The class will give you a great connection to the real meanings of Feng Shui words through picture characters.

This class will also introduce the history of Chinese calligraphy and will help you understand the natural energies emanating from these picture characters. You will come to know how master Lin Yun and other famous masters in Chinese history use brushes to deepen their understanding of Qi and enhance their beliefs. You will also learn how to use a brush and will experience this traditional Chinese way of meditation. In the process of writing a stroke, you will have to concentrate in the manner described as “Wang Wuo” (Forget Yourself –Lao Zi) in order to relieve stress.

In the class, you will also learn about the components of Chinese characters, such as radicals and phonetics, the meanings of these components, and the pronunciation of them as well. These are the basic skills that will allow you to be able to write and read Chinese characters. These basic skills even help you to learn the language by yourself.