Our passions are: Benefit Your Life - Protect Our Environment

Feng Shui (wind and water) is the Chinese concept about a resource that influences all the substances on the Earth. This deep understanding of the connection between nature and humanity involves more than one field of sciences. We are pursuing to build the connection between buildings, human beings and nature, an integration planning, which can be utilized in different scales from micro space to city planning.

Architectural works with life sources “Qi/air” that could potentially create beneficial and harmful air flow from the composition of the building elements to people. Architecture design is not only the art of forms; but also they are just as much the work of creating a healthy relationship between nature and civilization.

We believe that Feng Shui and sustainable architecture complement one another. Just as sustainable architecture focuses on buildings and environment, Feng Shui focuses on environment and people.

With seventeen years experience in the architectural field and Feng Shui practice, we have developed a unique planning concept, which can be utilized to design a broad range of projects: health care, hospitalities, retail, institutional, residential, and office buildings, garden design and urban planning. Our client base is world wide, and ranges from large corporations to small households. We provide Feng Shui consultation, planning advice, and environmentally friendly design concepts; and help clients implement simple and easy changes to achieve their goals!