Thermal bath (Hot Top) Complex:

The hot tub as a relaxation tool has existed since the days of the Roman Empire. Since that time, extended bathing in varying temperatures of water has served as a form of both relaxation and entertainment.

This design includes: main lobby, food services, fitness center, changing area, hot tubs area, out door cafe on the lake at the main level; sauna area, facial and massage salon on the second level; personnel area located on the third level; and utilitities and garage located on the lower level.

The whole pavilion is designed in the shape of a giant fan; the three individual pavilions are main entrance, bathing area, and outdoor cafe; the three pavilions are linked together by blades of the fan. The roof is partially exposed, like a peeled banana, revealing the structure of the building.

The hot tubs proceed from warm to hot; hot to cold; lower speed to higher speeds and from indoor to outdoor. The bath area directly connects to the sauna area, which, in turn, connects to the facial salon via a spiral stairs on up to a bridge on the 2nd level. People can start from the fitness center and move easily to the hot tub area and so on. Conveniently placed break areas (a dining area and a bar) are interspersed with the fitness and bathing areas; the dining area has a mountain view behind the lobby, and the bar is located at the end of the building, on the lake.

The design is a fluently expressed architectural movement, with all functions flowing together as a well executed composition. The building is a glass, steel and double facade structure for energy saving purposes. It is about 60000 sq. We are looking for a developer and the building site must face a lake and back up to the mountains (see models).