Our Specialties:

  • Multi architecture experience in USA, Germany, Canada, and China.
  • Project management, project architect, senior designer.
  • Building permits, project negotiation, Chinese project budgeting and management.
  • Schematic design, construction document, and construction administration.
  • Healthcare, retails, institutional (school & university), office buildings, library, senior housing, residential, master planning, landscape and garden, sport facilities.
  • Feng Shui & sustainable design, planning & consultation
  • Feng Shui training and seminars
  • Creative design: competition, presentation, web design, Flash design, business card, painting, photograph, and graphic.

Sensitivity to the environment is critical to architectural design. Especially today if an architect or designer lacks knowledge of Feng Shui and ecological architecture design, their designs are incomplete.

We believe that Feng Shui and green architecture complement one another and maintain that if Feng Shui is the art of humans finding harmony with nature, then green architecture should incorporate a green environment and restore the natural harmony which was damaged and destroyed. Furthermore, just as green architecture protects people physically, Feng Shui theory protects people psychologically. Whether in Western culture, or Eastern culture, the goal is the same: to understand the relationship between nature and humans; they complete each other. Therefore, it is essential for architects to have sound knowledge of the principles of Feng Shui and ecological design before embarking on the planning process.

Our design goal is to imbue clients with positive energy and a healthy environment on all levels: aesthetic, physical and psychological.