This analysis is to emphasize that walls or building also create air flows. The significance are the walls, buildings, and even tree, are not only for crating rooms, buildings, or a urban places, but also form air qualities, different air flows and qualities. Please see the following diagram:

1. Air around an element


2. Air around two elements



3. Air around three or more elements:









The philosophy behind Feng Shui: The unity of the universe and people. (Lao Zi)

Unity between heaven, people and earth. Heaven, people and earth complete and complement one another, forming one body. Planetary movements generate a magnetic field. All sentient beings on earth are influenced by the gravitational pull resulting from the movement of heaven and earth. “Feng“ and “Shui“ are wind and water. The movement of wind is the result of the movement of the universe while water is the result of the movement of the earth.

“Yin” and “Yang” describe two complementary energies which heaven and earth generate as positive and negative charges or feminine and masculine forces. These energies comprise our life energy (Qi), and balanced “Yin” and “Yang” energy is the source of good health and positive mental outlook.

The ancient Chinese scientists discovered that the universe is composed of five agents: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The entire universe, including people and the earth, is comprised of the same five components; even the human body contains these five agents. The cyclical generation and destruction of the agents is elemental to maintaining a proper balance between yin and yang.

Landscape architecture and building design serve as a critical medium between people and their environment. Today Feng Shui design and consultation becomes increasingly important as a well situated building or a well arranged room can become a source of well-being and prosperity for its occupants.