Garden design contains many different styles, purposes and uses. The idea of garden design is to create attractions, charm and relaxation while not forgetting our responsibly to the environment.





A garden from a poem

The project exhibited here is not a common garden design; it is a design for a Poem by a Swiss Poet Enrst Jandel. In this design, the surface in the garden consists of glass stones, and it is built on top of model studs, so that the stones do not seal the ground. This is about 120’x60’ square feet, and we are looking for investors to realize this unique design.

The Place (translation)
- Ernst Jandl

Over there I sit
to write a poem
there I sat
to write a poem
there I once sat
to write a poem
it is at once a success,
it is a failure.

Die Stelle (originell)
- Ernst Jandl

dahin setze ich mich
um ein gedicht zu machen
da sitze ich
um ein gedicht zu machen
da bin ich gesessen
um ein gedicht zu machen
da ist es entstanden
da ist es mißlungen

The Design:

The place is supposed to be in a closed off area, far from the city, far from human society, in nature where people can experience serenity and silence.

The upside down tree in the blocked garden symbolizes the distortion of matter, laws and nature. The tree as a sculpture is an aberration; it represents chaos and misunderstanding.

The shiny glass surface creates harmony and an atmosphere of stillness. The color of red represents energy and the anger of the poet, his anger towards the misery and injustice of the world. The change of colors from red to dark expresses the changing of fortunes, the movement from success to failure and from failure to success.

At night, a solitary light under the single red stone, under which one can sit and contemplate, sets the entire place aglow. The light is the hope amidst the darkness. A slight, yet steady, stream of water flows across the glass ground, symbolizing the source of new ideas, new creations and transformation.

If you enjoiy the design and want to know more, you are welcom to contact us.