Jingtai Liu,Dipl. Ing. Architekture,
Freie Architektin, BDA,
Editor Abroad, Urban Flux magazine China
ber Of China Green Biulding Industry Development alliance.

刘景太, 硕士,



JINGTAI LIU, PRINCIPAL, 1987 she graduated from Elite University Nan Kai in major sociology in Tian Jin, China, and worked as reporter in a city government. 1989 she went to Germany and changed her interest completely to fine arts and architecture, and started the study of architecture at Elite University Karlsruhe Germany. 1997 she graduated as Dipl. Ing. Architektur / Master of Architecture. She has also worked as a teaching assistant for the fine arts department at the University Karlsruhe.

She is a very talented designer, and has been involved in many retail, hotel, institutional, office building, library, health care, senior housing, residential, entertainment, fitness center, and industrial projects in America, Germany, Canada, und China. As a student, she won a second prize for a student design competition in Germany and her work was published in the Magazine Landscape & Garden in 1994 and newspapers. In another design competition, a Library of Leipzig Grassi Museum, the design was so extraordinary that even after the exhibition closed visitors still came to see her design. For the passed seventeen years, she has worked in America, Germany, Canada, and China, and has been involved in many projects of varying scales and scopes.

Her awareness of environmental issues keeps her interested in this field. She believes that the integration planning only makes sense, when the research is boundaryless of culture, philosophy and science, with all knowledge of human history.  2003 she started her research about Feng Shui and architecture design. And she had worked on her Ph.D. thesis “The Concept of the Nature in Traditional Chinese Architecture as Design Methodology for Sustainable Architecture”.

Moreover, her broad experiences allows her to practice her specialty in varies field, from urban planning to garden design and from interior to exterior by using Feng Shui skills, her architecture sensibilities, sustainable design experiences. Her background makes her unique in this field as she combines three typically mutually exclusive areas: architecture, Feng Shui and sustainable design. She fervently believes in integrating of them all, “Protect yourself,  protect your environment!”



09/16 - 01/17    University Kassel (ZUB) MEnS- Meeting of Energy Professional Skills Training
07/16 - 11/16    DGNB Consultant Training and Exam
06/05 - 07/05    Complete LEED studies with MBH Architects, Alameda, US
01/03 - 09/08    PhD candidate, School of Architecture, University Karlsruhe, Germany
01/03 - 12/03    San Francisco School of Feng Shui, Certificated Class
01/02 - 11/03    English, City College of San Francisco, US
11/91 - 02/98    Master of Architecture, School of Architecture, University Karlsruhe, Germany
09/85 – 06/88    Bachelor, Sociology Department, University Nankai, Tianjin, China