Re: Feng Shui Presentation

Dear Jingtai:

I just attended your latest and very popular lunchtime presentation to DES Architects + Engineers on the principles of Feng Shui. It was outstanding and well received.

As you know in the past you and I worked on Kaiser Permanente’s Santa Clara Medical Center Hospital Replacement Project located in Santa Clara, California. That project was a 1.2 million sq. ft. hospital and medical office building, 327 acute care beds with project cost approaching three-quarters of a billion dollars. You did an excellent job for Kaiser on that project.

So it was a breath of fresh air to see Feng Shui explained from perspective of such an accomplished, experienced and practical architectural designer. Your presentation was easy to follow and I could immediately see the application in design and planning on a project.

I especially liked the actual examples you gave of residential and large-scale commercial buildings that you worked on, and I also liked your ideas about integration of Green Architecture and Feng Shui and how they could provide design professionals with very effective tools to improve our built environment.

It was interesting to hear how you views on Feng Shui changed from a skeptic to an expert and how this helped to explain why some projects are fine and others are not. I liked the ideas and I thought other design professionals would also like the ideas that are inherent in Feng Shui.

Your professional background in architecture made it easy for me to relate to the system and to consider how this information could enhance our client’s success. Additionally, it is good to add the sometimes-allusive beauty of scale, beauty of proportion and beauty of arrangement revealed by Feng Shui to our work in architecture.

I highly recommend your excellent presentation on Feng Shui and professional Feng Shui design work.

DES Architects + Engineers

399 Bradford Street Redwood City, California 94063 Tel 650-364-6453 Fax 650-364-2618

Ed Wilson
Project Manager



Frau Liu hat mich um ein Referenzschreiben gebeten, dieser Bitte komme ich sehr gerne nach.

Frau Liu hat eine Feng Shui Analyse meines Apartments in San Francisco erstellt. Ich hatte bis dahin nur wenig Hintergrund mit der Feng Shui Lehre. Frau Liu hat die verschiedenen Feng Shui Ansaetze und Unterschiede eingehend und in sehr zugaenglicher Weise erklaert. Sie hat mein Apartment begutachtet und ein interessantes persoenliches Hintergrundgespraech gefuehrt. Ich hatte den Eindruck, dass Frau Liu nicht einfach eine schematische Analyse des Apartments vornimmt, sondern vielmehr auf eine wirklich persoenliche Gestaltung der Wohnumgebung bedacht war.

Frau Liu hat eine eingehende Analyse mit spezifischen Vorschlaegen zur Raumgestaltung und -einrichtung erstellt. Die Analyse war formell und inhaltlich sehr beeindruckend. Ich war positiv ueberrascht in welchem Ausmass die spezifischen Vorschlaege meinem Geschmack und meinen eigenen Empfindungen entsprachen (obgleich ich nicht selbst daran gedacht haette).

Alles in allem war ich mit Frau Liu's Analyse sehr zufrieden und kann Sie ausdruecklich empfehlen.

Rufus Pichler