These class are specific for architects, architecture planners, builders and investors. Our goal is to help them provide buildings and urban with human scale, to help them build heathy building, and create societies have less social problems.


One Hour Feng Shui Introduction Seminar:

  • Philosophy of Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui & Qi
  • Form School of Feng Shui
  • Compass School Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui and Green Architecture





Seminar for DES Architects

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Ed Wilson, Project Manager of DES Architects & Engineers:

"So it was breath of fresh air to see Feng Shui explained from perspective of such an accomplished, experienced and practical architectural designer. Your presentation was easy to fallow and I could immediately see the application in design and planning on projects".

"I especially liked the actual examples you gave of residential and large –scale commercial building that you worked on, and I also liked your ideas about integration of Green Architecture and Feng Shui and how they could provide design professional with very effective tools to improves our built environment”.

“It was interesting to hear how you views on Feng Shui changes from a skeptic to an expert and how this helped to explain why some projects workout find and others do not. I liked these ideas and I thought other design professionasl would also like the ideas that are inherent in Feng Shui”.

“Your professionals background in architecture made it easy for me to relate to the system and to consider how this information could enhance our client’s success. Additionally I liked the idea of adding the sometimes-allusive beauty of scale and beauty of arrangement revealed by Feng Shui”.

Byron Wong & Jose Hernandez, Architects of DES Architects & Engineers

"This earth would be a lot less special without people like you"

Presentation for Bay Area Invertors and Home Owners monthly meeting

des des des

Workshop at AIA, Oakland CA, US

workshop workshop